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Trusts & Estates

Planning for Your Future

A trust can be designed to bring you and your family peace of mind.  Whether you want to provide for grandchildren, endow a charity, or provide for the special needs of a loved one, a trust offers a flexible planning method, written to your specific concerns and priorities, to address your most personal family matters. Caldwell Trust Company exists to provide personal, traditional and independent trust services. Our team offers a full range of integrated services, tailored to your individual priorities, to help you enhance and protect your legacy for generations to come. 

Why You Should Consider a Trust & Estate

Having a trust in place and organizing your estate gives you the peace of mind that everything is taken care of. All of your information and assets are organized so you can continue to plan for your future and give your family all the details they need.

Download our Estate Planning Checklist 
Trusts & Estates Checklist

Settling Your Estate

Settling an estate demands time, knowledge, and attention to detail to meet all of the legal requirements necessary to carry out the terms of your Last Will and Testament.  Naming Caldwell Trust Company as Personal Representative ensures the settlement of your estate will be handled by experienced, accountable, impartial experts. Most importantly, we offer the highest degree of sensitivity to your loved ones, bringing them peace of mind at this most difficult time. We bring experience in handling all kinds of assets, investment expertise, an honest and unbiased approach to our responsibilities, and familiarity with legal and tax requirements.

Download our Real Estate holdings organizer

As personal representatives of your estate, we will: 

  • Meet and maintain communication with your beneficiaries
  • Locate, value, and safe-keep your assets pending distribution
  • Pay the outstanding debts of your estate
  • Manage any claims against your estate
  • Collect notes owed to your estate
  • Prepare and file all tax returns
  • Account to your family and the court

Succession Planning

At Caldwell Trust, we can help to ensure that your family’s legacy survives multiple generations. We take a holistic approach to family governance and wealth planning. Acting as your family’s “Chief Investment Officer,” Caldwell Trust Company will work with you, your family members, and trusted advisors to achieve the following:

  • Develop an asset allocation plan that reflects your agreed upon goals, which are aligned with your family’s values
  • Provide seamless transition for your wealth management activities
  • Serve as the family trustee, custodian, and personal representative for estate management and administration
  • Report progress through comprehensive performance reports and quarterly in person meetings
  • Continually seek the best investment strategies that safeguard family assets while maximizing investment returns

Family Governance

Family governance should not be considered exclusive to wealthy families. In fact, any family relying on a system of decision-making, especially those in business together, should concern themselves with establishing a family governance system. At Caldwell Trust Company, we help families to build well-functioning family governance structures that:

  • Communicate the family’s values, mission and vision
  • Keep family members informed about major business accomplishments, challenges, and strategic directions
  • Explain the rules and decisions that might affect family members’ employment dividends, and other benefits received from the business
  • Establish formal communication channels that allow family members to share ideas, aspirations, and issues
  • Allow the family to come together and make necessary decisions