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Partner Services


Building Professional Relationships & Securing Peace of Mind For Your Clients

Generations of families have turned to Caldwell Trust Company to protect, preserve and distribute their wealth as have area attorneys and CPAs. Building relationships and securing peace of mind since 1993 is what our success is based upon. Our wealth management team offers a full range of integrated services, tailored to meet our client’s individual priorities and to help protect and enhance their legacies for generations to come. 

A trust officer with Caldwell Trust Company serves as your client’s financial quarterback, reviewing their family’s circumstances in detail, then integrating legal, financial, tax, health, and personal components into a comprehensive plan that will be modified and updated as their needs change. 

These complexities are objectively analyzed, evaluated, advised upon and managed allowing us to grow and preserve their wealth for individuals, families, businesses, and endowments. We’re local, personal, traditional and independent. Same staff, same locations and we plan to keep it that way.

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Services Available to Your Clients

Investment Management

Offering a risk-controlled approach to investing by:

  • Developing a strategy to meet each client’s needs, goals and risk tolerances.
  • Building an appropriate portfolio using a broad range of asset classes.
  • Continuously analyzing the current economic and market conditions and making adjustments as needed.

Trust & Fiduciary Services

We serve as:

  • Trustee
  • Co-trustee
  • Personal Representative

Retirement Plans

Assisting successful businesses in the administration and management of:

  • 401(k) Plans
  • 403(b) Plans
  • Cash Balance Plans



Our Client Profile

Our team of financial professionals can offer insights and assess each unique situation. Our clients often:

Seek our advice when faced with a life transition such as retirement, inheritance, divorce, sale of a business, receipt of stock options, or loss of a loved one.

Are looking for an investment advisor that focuses on risk-controlled growth in all market conditions

Are charitable foundations seeking investment advice and special services

Are a growing business in need of retirement plan services

Trust Officers with Caldwell Trust Provide
Specific Areas of Expertise


  • Review estate-planning documents.
  • Serve as a referral source if you need an attorney.
  • Coordinate and communicate plan updates with your attorney.
  • Summarize and simplify your estate plan so you understand it.
  • Help to prepare family members for inheriting (or not inheriting).
  • Serve as your trustee or personal representative.
  • Serve as trustee for any special needs trusts and coordinate public benefits.


  • Evaluate your financial needs.
  • Help you with budgeting when needed.
  • Guide you in planning for your retirement.
  • Manage your investments.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest and make recommendations in your best interests.
  • Recommend tax-saving strategies such as gifting, retirement planning options, and maximizing IRA options.
  • Serve as a sounding board for financial decisions.
  • Divest inappropriate investments from client’s portfolio.


  • Review previous tax returns to find current tax-saving opportunities.
  • Identify tax liabilities/potential pitfalls.
  • Coordinate and communicate goals with clients’ CPA.
  • Gather and categorize client’s documentation.
  • Facilitate required distributions.
  • Make payments for estimated taxes.


  • Serve as liaison to coordinate healthcare needs.

  • Oversee client’s medical claims.

  • Coordinate home health/nursing care.

  • Hire a healthcare coordinator if needed.

  • Assist professionals in developing a care plan that coordinates with family goals and finances.



  • Help to coordinate family dynamics.
  • Assist during periods of incapacity.
  • Act during any family incapacity to keep our client’s plan moving forward.
  • Ease the burden on family members.
  • Pay bills and monitor expenses.
  • Prevent the necessity of a guardianship.
  • Be a point person for your family and for professionals.
  • Be the designated contact in an emergency or natural disaster situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What language is required to name Caldwell Trust Company as a Trustee?

Proper name to use: Caldwell Trust Company

When Caldwell Trust is named as a Trustee or Co-trustee in a trust, we require that someone have the ability to replace the Corporate Trustee.  This can be a beneficiary, a majority of the beneficiaries, or a Trust Protector. 

Can I meet with a representative before naming Caldwell Trust Company?

It is necessary to meet with us prior to naming us in a trustee capacity in a document.  This is an important decision.  For your family, it is important to gain an understanding of how we will carry out your wishes.  For Caldwell, it is important for us to assess our ability to carry out the terms of your document.  This is a relationship and knowing who will be carrying out your wishes for your loved one and how it will be done should never be decided without a face to face meeting. 


Will Caldwell Trust Company review my documents?

It is important for us to review your documents prior to signing them.  We have tremendous experience implementing estate plans and can be helpful in avoiding planning errors.  We also want to be certain than we can carry out your wishes as intended. 


Can they work with a trustee or beneficiary who is out of state?

Caldwell has clients and beneficiaries all over the world.


Will they work with my family members as co-trustee?

Caldwell will work with family members appointed as Co-Trustee.  Typically, a person considers a co-trustee for accountability purposes.  A co-Trustee participates in all decisions, both investment and administration.  This can sometimes cause unnecessary delays in carrying out the duties of the trustee.  An alternative, which accomplishes the same accountability, is to allow the beneficiary, another family member, or a majority of beneficiaries, to replace the Corporate trustee rather than name a Co-Trustee.

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