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Roland Caldwell Founder of Caldwell Trust Company


Dearest Clients and Friends, 

It saddens my heart to report that my father, mentor, and our company founder, Roland Caldwell, recently passed away at 89.

Roland was the inspiration and driving force for the creation of Caldwell Trust Company, imparting to it--as he did to me--a love for serving people in the steeped tradition of trust banking when trust managers were encouraged and expected to take care of their clients personally, the way it was meant to be.

As we adjust to this new era, we are renewed by Roland’s original words in What We Believe and promise to hold dear those founding principles and values.

I thank every one of you for your kind words and well wishes to me, my family, and the entire Caldwell Trust family.


Very Truly Yours,

Kelly Caldwell

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Our New Office in Downtown Sarasota

We have a new Sarasota office address! We're proud to now be located in the former Cain-Wilson Building called Caldwell Trust Company.


Who we are

Caldwell Trust Company exists to provide personal, traditional and independent trust services. Our team offers a full range of integrated services, tailored to your individual priorities, to help you enhance and protect your legacy for generations to come. 

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Personalized Care

Each of us in this organization lives and breathes a belief that we are engaged in a truly noble calling, the demands of which are unlike those of any other profession. It is with this in mind that we assure you, the prospective customer, that the basic policies of the trust business are steeped in the tradition of the common law, withstanding the test of time. 
- Roland G. Caldwell, Founder

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