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Our financial advisers are true fiduciaries...guiding you every step of the way to your desired destination.

Capabilities - Custody & Investment Management of Accounts

At Caldwell Trust, we are true fiduciaries and that is all we do. We handle family affairs privately and in confidence. We can serve you and your family in the following capacities.
  • Custodian and Investment Advisor to safely hold your assets and manage investments to attain your financial goals.

  •  Financial Manager to maintain your financial records, and even pay your bills if you wish.

  • Trustee to assume full responsibility for total management of all trust affairs, under Living Trust or Will.

  • Personal Representative to distribute your Estate under terms of your Will, or serve as Agent for your Personal Representative.

  •  Corporate Guardian to handle all your financial matters and free family members to supply your personal care.

  • Retirement Plan Trustee to assist you, as plan sponsor, with fiduciary, planrelated, and administrative responsibilities.

We report to you every month on a statement you can easily read that provides  timely data with unsurpassed accuracy. You also have Internet access to your account 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week.


Trusts & Estates

Ensuring your wealth fulfills
your goals of the future.

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Preparing you for tomorrow
on your terms.

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Growing your wealth and
making it work for you.

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