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October 2018 Investment Letter  Read
August 2018 Investment Letter  Read
June 2018 June 2018 Investment Letter Read
April 2018 Investment Letter  Read
February 2018 Investment Letter Read


Fall 2017 Investment Letter Read

July 2017

Summer 2017 Investment Letter   Read

Jun 2017

Special Report and Observations from Washington   Read


Special Report: "The Economy: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow."   Read

Lee Celebrates 20 Years With Caldwell Trust! And more... 



Brexit-generated fear replaced by increased market strength   Read

Jun 2016

“The Big Three”: the Dollar, Oil and the Fed…   Read


Growth in productivity is necessary to reverse decade of subpar growth in GDP   Read

Economist Donald I. Luskin speaks to Caldwell board about oil (and Trump)

Feb 2016

What can behavioral finance tell us about our investment decisions? (Part 2 of 2)


What can behavioral finance tell us about our investment decisions? (Part 1 of 2)

Sept 2015 To frack or not to refrack: That is the question Read
July 2015 Stock Market Valuations: Overvalued? Undervalued? Read
May 2015 Inflation, deflation, stagflation and disinflation: What's the difference, why does it matter and what's the best case? Read
Apr 2015 Special Report:  Economist Stephen Moore visits with Caldwell Trust Company  Read
Mar 2015 Oil weakness, U.S. dollar's strength, the ECB and the Fed Read
Jan 2015 'Debt' is a four-letter word; the relationship between parties in power and stocks Read
Nov 2014 Stocks still the asset class of choice; correction afoot? Read
Sep 2014 Three topics: the trend is our friend, Goldilocks and the coin-toss analogy Read
Jul 2014 Stock Buybacks: Some Thoughts on Recent Merger & Acquisition Activities Read
May 2014 Interested in our thoughts on the current state of our economy? Read
Mar 2014 Stocks in 2014 lag 2013's stellar performance, 2013 was a strong year for Caldwell: growth, new headquarters, new director, new hire, and more; 80 percent of business investment management, and much more! Read
Jan 2014 The markets: Nice run in 2013! What might 2014 hold? Read
Nov 2013 Special 20th Anniversary Issue Read
Oct 2013 The Fed, the economy, the news: When bad news is good, when good news is good Read
Aug 2013 To taper, or not to taper: that is the question Read
Special Report, 2013 Special Report: 53rd Annual Laffer Conference 2013 Read
Jun 2013 Investors may now benefit from the power of compound earnings Read
Apr 2013 Dividend-paying stocks can provide long-term benefits Read
Feb 2013 Our fearless forecasts: 13 for 2013 Read
Dec 2012 Our warmest wishes for a joyous holiday and a healthy, happy new year Read
Nov 2012 Federal Reserve undertakes third round of 'Quantitative Easing' Read
Sep 2012 Some Thoughts on Doctors and Congress, Statistics, Housing Read
Jul 2012 The “Fiscal Cliff,” Greece, the Euro and Our Recommendations Read
Special Report, 2012 Annual Laffer Conference Provides Overview of Economy Read
Apr 2012 Dr. Arthur B. Laffer Advises Caldwell on Policies and Strategy Read
Dec 2011 Warmest Holiday Greetings from Caldwell’s Family to Yours Read
Nov 2011 Does a Low-Growth Economy = Poor Stock Performance? Read
Sep 2011 Now that the Debt-Ceiling Debacle is Over, What's Next? Read
Special Report, 2011 Municipal Pensions: A Ticking Time-Bomb Read
Jun 2011 Word from Laffer Conference Read
Apr 2011 Our Government’s Big Decision: To Spend or Not to Spend? Read
Dec 2010 Caldwell Sees Signs of a Brighter Future Through Compromise Read
Sep 2010 Tax Rates for 2011 - What Happens If Current Tax Cuts Sunset? Read
Jul 2010 Policy-Makers Waver as U.S. Shifts to New Economic Model Read
Apr 2010 Dr. Arthur B. Laffer Discusses 'Economic Outlook and Politics' Read
Feb 2010 Pay Attention to Warren Buffet's Deeds, Not His Words Read
Nov 2009 Philosopher Adler’s Beliefs Set Moral Tone for Government Read
Aug 2009 No Precedent for Current Recession’s Approach to Currency Read
May 2009 U.S. is Being 'Rescued to Death,' says Donald Luskin Read
Apr 2009 The Discretionary Dollar: Save It, Spend It or Invest It? Read
Jan 2009 Special 15th Anniversary Issue Read
Oct 2008 The Coming Election … Promises the Candidates Can't Keep: Read
Sep 2008 The Search for Safety in Investing Read
Aug 2008 What's With This Market? Read
Jun 2008 Art Laffer, world-renowned economist and Caldwell adviser,shares his thoughts on politics and the state of the economy Read
Mar 2008 Caldwell Trust Company Introduces a New Look Read
Dec 2007 2008 Investment Roadmap Read
Oct 2007 Current Events Read
Sep 2007 Emergence of the International ETFs Read
Aug 2007 S.N.A.F.U.: Situation Normal, All Fouled Up Read
Jul 2007 Dow 15,000? Read
Jun 2007 Hedging Fact Read
May 2007 Issues Read
Apr 2007 Thanks $400 Million! Read
Mar 2007 Recent Market Volatility Read
Dec 2006 Year-end Musings Read
Nov 2006 Déjà vu? Read
Oct 2006 Miscellany Read
Sep 2006 Five Factors Read
Aug 2006 Bonds Read
Jul 2006 Stocks Read
Jun 2006 A Year's Perspective Read
May 2006 Katie Meloy Read
Apr 2006 Stuff Read
Mar 2006 More Changes Read
Feb 2006 A Shot Over the Bow Read
Jan 2006 Fed, Oil, & Iran Read
Jan 2015 'Debt' is a four-letter word; the relationship between parties in power and stocks Read


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